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Arterial hypertension is the most common chronic disease in adults associated with increased blood pressure. Usually patients can even feel any symptoms of increased blood pressure, but sometimes they can suffer from headaches and see spots in front of eyes. The exact reason of its occurrence isn’t known but factors that increase the risk for this problem are widely known. People who have excessive weight are exposed to high blood pressure and many other problems with heart work. Hypertension is one of the main reasons that lead to coronary artery disease. High blood pressure can transfer hereditary; mostly men are exposed to this problem. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol lead to hypertension. Excessive eating of salted food, obesity and sedentary way of life also has harmful influence and can cause high blood pressure. Great amount of stresses evoke hypertension. So, you should be careful and don’t try in excessive amount things that lead to the problem with health such as hypertension. Despite patients usually feel no symptoms; constantly high blood pressure may cause serious problems with health, such as stroke, heart attack, blurred vision, heart and renal failures. High blood pressure cannot be cured at all, but it can be effectively controlled. People often buy Clonidin pills, because doctors regard this drug as one of the most effective. It can be used in complex and in mono treatment.

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